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Beer festival 2014

Barrels emptied in the name of charity!

The Lions Club of Winslow would like to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us in drinking for charity at our 9th Beer Festival over the course of three sessions.

Thanks to you for your attendance it means that we can help redistribute funds to local charities and organisations. With over forty barrels of varying beers and ciders, there was plenty of choice for everyone!

We had beers ranging from the ever favourite Lancaster Bomber from Thwaites Brewery in Lancashire to Winslow Pride, brewed by Vale Brewery specifically for our festival.

The honorable John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons and local MP opened our festival on Friday night and gave everyone present a rousing speech in which he encouraged responsible drinking as well as enjoying the beers that were on offer.

We would also like to say thank you to Vale Brewery who helped us to source the beers and ciders from various breweries up and down the country. Without them our festival would not happen.

With three 6 Nations games on Saturday afternoon, we were inundated with rugby fans who wanted to help us raise money for charity and watch an afternoon of rugby that will live long in the memory.

Our final session on Saturday evening, gave plenty of people the chance to taste their favourite beers of the festival. Some of the most popular beers included Lancaster Bomber from Thwaites, Black Stallion from Arundel Brewery and Side Pocket for a Toad from Tring Beer Festival. With more than 15 barrels emptied over the Festival.

We would like to say a final thank you to all our barrel sponsors, we had more sponsors than ever before and sponsorship for this year’s festival has set a new record since our event started in 2006?

If you are interested in sponsoring a barrel at our festival in 2015 then contact us at:
Defibilator now 'Live'..


After several months of negotiations and preparations we are pleased to announce that the Town's Defibrillator is now available for everyones use.

We thank the towns folk of Winslow that have allowed us to purchase this potentially life saving apparatus fo access by all through your valued support.

If for any reason you need to access the defibrillator for an emergency simply call 999 in the normal way and they will advise you of a key code to open the box (whilst of course activating the normal emergency response).

The unit is simple to operate and will lead you through every stage with voice prompts. Do not worry you can not harm the patient and you could potentially save their lives.

Members of the Lions Club were joined by Derek Flint - Community Liaison and Training Manager (Far Left), Steve Acton – Winslow Community First Responder (Far Right) and David Barry, Mayor of Winslow, to unveil the Public Access Defibrillator.

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